Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Road to Eden Preview (if I ever finish it)

I was on a car ride recently and saw a sign that said Eden on it as a destination. I wondered what would happen if this actually was Eden. So I started to write the story below. It is very much unfinished and nothing really happens but..enjoy. One quick note though: it is fiction and I may never finish it.
I was never very religious. I mean I went to shul and that stuff but it never meant much to me. I thought that it was waste of time. As many things in life I did not really care. I believe that god by now is basically dead. I mean I think something created the world and then left and had a nap and has not returned since. Besides my job is to prove that no plague is happening currently. I work for the Green’s Gotta Go Corporation. We were hired by several of the big car, cigarette and oil companies to prove that all this ‘global warming’ jazz is untrue, through and through. To do this we use the unusual form of music. We write songs.
Songs are pretty much the best (and catchiest) way to communicate information in the world.

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