Thursday, June 26, 2008

What is Darwyn Cooke Cooking?

Yesterday at the Joe Shuster Awards I saw the Darwyn Cooke panel. Some highlights
  • He lives in Halifax and his house is in danger of being burned down due to fires there
  • The next comics out by him are:
  • Liberty Comics
  • and Jonah Hex
  • He will publish an original graphic novel as his next big project. The graphic novel will not be published by Marvel or DC and will be a psychological thriller
  • After that he will publish four graphic novels based on books by a famous auther (he said he would say who at the San Diego comic con)
  • He is also producing an art book for the San Diego convention which he will only sell in his booth and in stores in Canada
Edited to add: you can now listen to the whole panel online here


Chad said...

Any mention of which stores in Canada would be selling it?

a reader said...

No actually