Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh no!

I read this on
Toronto institution David Mirvish Books is shutting its doors next month for the final time.

The Markham Street bookstore -- just across the street for Honest Ed's -- will close its doors on February 28.

DM Books opened in 1974, and carved out its niche by focusing on books on art.

With its lofty, white walls, massive Frank Stella painting and temple-like reverence for high art," wrote Toronto Life, "this Mirvish Village favourite is more civilized than Honest Ed’s (its neighbour), but it has the same flair for bargains."

From the store's website:

In 1974 David Mirvish opened an art bookstore as an outgrowth of the David Mirvish Gallery. The gallery exhibited abstract artists and colour field painters and sculptors. Some of the artists exhibited included Milton Avery, Jack Bush, Anthony Caro, Helen Frankenthaler, Hans Hofmann, Morris Louis, Robert, Motherwell, Jules Olitski, Larry Poons and Frank Stella. David Mirvish Books is now in the building designed by Australian architect John Andrews for the gallery in 1970. Installed on the back wall of the bookstore is Frank Stella’s 1970 “Damascus Gate, Stretch Variation”. The fifty foot long painting from Stella's protractor series overlooks the main room above an equally long shelf of books on artist’s monographs.

Here's an article from Blog T.O.

These are bad days for Markham Street. Ballenford Books on Architecture closed last year. At least there's still The Beguiling.

More info to come.

[David Mirvish. Photo by Peter J. Thompson/National Post
Such a shame. It's a really nice store. I was there the other day and enjoyed browsing. It will be missed.

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