Thursday, October 2, 2008

Julie Andrews, James Bond, Spike Lee and Henri Rousseau: 2 days of Twitter

while you can follow it here at the top of the page, I am posting the last two days twitters here so you can read them as a blog:
as I said before I am BAD with technology

i'd meant that to be a cool picture with letters but instead it looks totally LAME!

oo 0

I am bad w/ technology

why did i DOUBLE post that. EEK!

this is my 50th update. in 2 days : o

i've gotten to be more into art after i've started painting which i've enjoyed quite a bit.I love the brush, the paint on the canvas, etc.

well built building. the painting by Seurat is very good

got asked about another Seurat. this one named Eiffel Tower. I've never actually been in the E.T. but i saw it from a distance. it was neat

I'm right!

got this painting as a q (Women in the Garden), i'm going to guess Claude Monet

just got another Henri Rousseau as a q.

I like the musical it inspired a lot so always exciting to see it

Just got this painting as a q

here's a link:

let me find a link so you can see it

nice painting

last question on free rice, I got right. twas the painting Tiger Attacking Buffalo is by Henri Rousseau

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much

I am updating this way too much

i'm being told to try to go up to 20 thousand. not sure if i will.

i've gotten up to 11400 grains of rice on

using free rice art quiz. like looking at Georges Seurat + Picasso. fun

says "good morning!"

iron man review in short: good, little bit over the top though. mabye more than a little bit.

I just watched part of Iron Man.

is checking websites and writing

is reading

is going to be back soon
to blog readers: I will post a lot here so check my twitter page to see all the news :)

but hopefully 2009 will be a good year :)

I miss 2008 all ready

only two months till its officially 2009

and the jewish new year

It's october.

ps: happy birthday, Julie Andrews (just went on IMDB and noticed it's her b'day)


don't worry. I won't use many long words except the one in the next post...

i hope I don't bore you with this twitter. I don't do much.

Not so many glitches with using the twitter on blogger except that it has commas for no reason. don't know why. hopefully fixed soon. bye.-R

Just added a new post to my blog (http://readingbookwatchingm...) about twitter actually.


has stopped doing the twitter thing for a few mintutes

nothing more to say really. Keep you posted

might write post for blog about james bond-india as mentioned here. Mabye

writing not for blog

what can you say with 95 letters. Let's see. The boat falls down into the carton of apple juice that swallows it whole in a single gulping.

not always

I won't always post this frequently

all my updates will be 'from web' I don't even have a phone..let alone a cell w/ im

James Bond goes to India before America

"I am not apologizing for anything,"-Spike Lee

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