Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biden says the sky is falling....

I have been continually unimpressed by Joe Biden through this time. I thought that Obama as anyone watching the debate would agree, chose a lackluster running mate. I'll tell you why. As someone who viewed the debates between Clinton and Obama and thought Clinton won, I am quite unimpressed by Barrack choosing instead of Clinton someone who Clinton squashed in the primaries. Even with that early bias, Biden in the debate, even when he says the EXACT SAME THING AS PALIN which I disagree with (the gay marriage issue) is less sympathetic. Now he does this. Not that he is necessarily wrong. With the financial crisis, it is likely Obama will face troubles in his first six months. But he just should not do this kind of thing which will soon make him, like Palin, never have another press conference and also as seen in the clip below by doing this he is just feeding Obama to the sharks.
UPDATE: From an article in the New York Times:
On the trail this fall, Mr. Biden has curbed his noted volubility — or, rather, had it curbed for him by his masters at Obama headquarters, in Chicago. He never goes to the press section of his campaign plane to talk to the reporters who accompany him, he has not held a news conference since early September and he does not take questions from his audiences (not since he told one person that he thought Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York would have been a better choice for vice president). Then again, Mr. Biden’s assignment does not include outreach to the national news media.

Thank you to my two sources: The Daily Beast and The New York Times

Postnote: I am not writing this as a republican. I am a democrat and I support Obama.

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