Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 at approximately 8:49 PM, I posted on this blog that Barrack Obama would win the presidency. At that point, he had 102 electoral votes with McCain behind at 33. But I knew then that he would win. I could just feel it.
To be honest, I had decided this a day earlier when I saw how on Twitter, Obama had something like a million followers while McCain had something like a few thousand.
When I talked to people about this election on Tuesday before the results were announced, I said that if Obama lost, it would be an incomprehensible moment.
Luckily it didn't happen.
When McCain came up to give his concession speech, I could not believe the moment. I could not believe that it was happening.
Even in Canada, watching CBC, on a television that uses an antenna, miles and miles away from the two candidates. It was a great moment.
Looking back at the 2000 election, it was amazing to see the Republicans accept thier loss. There were no fights. Hey, Obama even won Florida.
When Obama stepped out to give his acceptance speech, in the crowd in Chicago. Many were crying with the impotence of this moment.
What I have said to a lot of people while watching this election is "We are living in a historical moment. In 100 years, this will be studied in schools as an amazing moment in history"
Not that it was all great, California voted Preposition 8, which bans gay marriage, through. That is something to be very sad about. For those who disagree with me about the importance of marriage to homosexual families, watch this film.

But we can still rejoice that now America has an African American (and more importent democrat) president.

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