Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Brothers Bloom

It is becoming increasingly often that I go to the movies and see something thoroughly different from what I'd expected. Case in point: today I went to see The Brothers Bloom expecting a comedy and got one of the most serious and surprising films I've seen all year. Its about two old fashioned (they even wear suits!) con men who have since childhood been pulling off cons but the brother named Bloom (played down beat by Adrian Brody) is tired of it. He leaves to go to an island until his brother comes and convinces him to pull off one final con. Now, before you start thinking this is Ocean's Twelve, we get introduced to the girl who they are pulling the con on, Penelope (played by Rachel Wiez) who collects hobbies and has lived alone for years. From there, in addition to being a great and exciting adventure film, fittingly for a film about con men, the movie twists and turns in ways the audience would never expect and also out to be a great romance film.

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