Saturday, August 15, 2009

READ THIS: Put This Book Back On The Shelf: a Belle And Sebastian anthology

The anthology Put This Book Back On The Shelf has comics by various cartoonists inspired by songs by Belle And Sebastian. I read the book after recently listening to The BBC Sessions on a constant loop so I still had most of the songs featured in the book (though sadly not all of them) stuck in my head. I hadn't heard of any of the creators in the book except for Bannister (who draws a moving short story here) from his wonderful contributions to the Flight books. The amazing thing with the book is that despite being a comic book, it still feels as musically and rhythmically vibrant as the songs. In some of the stories (like I Could Be Dreaming by Andi Watson and Me And The Major by Tom Hart) they directly quote the song lyrics and the effect feels like an animated music video. In some of the other stories they take different approaches. One of the stories, Dog On Wheels by Kato, has no dialogue. Others use collage to tell their stories. Others take a more narrative standpoint. One of my favorite stories in the book, The Model by Jennifer de Guzman and Brian Bellow, starts as a straight narrative story of the story of a guy who wants to meet his girlfriend's friend who he has a crush on and ends with him writing her a letter which includes some of the lyrics of the song. The book is fantastic. The only problem I had with it is I wish it had been longer. This book deserves to be taken off the shelf and read.

RECCOMENDED: God Help The Girl

Speaking of Belle and Sebastian, Staurt Murdoch (one of thier members) recently released an album for his movie musical that has yet to be made. It's a great album and I highly reccomend it. Here's a video of one of the songs: