Sunday, August 31, 2008

TIFF 08: You Can (almost) Have It All

I just learned which of my top five choices I was able to get. I was able to get all but Synecdoche, New York and Gigantic.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Vice President of John Mccain

About a month ago, I was talking to a friend about who McCain should and would choose as his vice president. I said that if he wants to be smart about it, he will choose someone who is either black or a woman.
Guess who he picked.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

TIFF 08: Coming Soon...

I wanted to announce here that I am going to be liveblogging the TIFF with reviews and more and I wanted to show you the list of movies I will probably see. I got a five pack of tickets (well a ten pack but I'm sharing it with someone so really a five pack) so I have to choose a first choice and second choice for each film of those five, so far I have only made my first choices so now I will only include those.
Friday, September 5:
Me And Orson Welles
Saturday, September 6
Every Little Step
Sunday, September 7:
Picasso and Baroque go to the movies
Monday, September 8:
or Summer Hours
Tuesday, September 9:
Synecdoche, New York

Saturday, August 23, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Barack Obama's Vice President is Joe Biden

but, oh, what might have happened

more later

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ansewring the comments with A Reader

I thought I would answer any questions you had in this post
let's start with one from my old post What Is Drarwyn Cooke Cooking?

Chad said...

Any mention of which stores in Canada would be selling it?

In the panel, no. But..I just saw it at The Beguiling for $50.00
Whenever someone has a new question I will add it to this post

sketches of the day cancelled; blog will now focas more on reviews

feel free to comment.

Gone by Renata Adler Review

I have recently read Gone by Renata Adler which is about her time working at The New Yorker when it was edited by William Shawn. William Shawn in the telling of the book is treated almost too kindly for some of the things he does (pushing back articles for months and not letting writers publish them elsewhere) but seems to be a good editor. The book is crisply written and highly recommended.

when your books float

bought at umbra

Breaking Dawn Review

I finally finished Breaking Dawn.
After two weeks and over 800 pages, I have finally been able to finish Stephanie Meyer's longest book yet. Was it worth it. Read on and I will give you my review..but be warned there are SPOILERS ahead.


At a little bit past midnight on August 3rd, I started to read Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. Two weeks later, I finished it.
The book continues the story of Bella and Edward who in the beginning of the book get married and then around a week later have a baby who then begins what seems like a war with the Volturi.
The baby when we first learn of her appears to be killing Bella which starts the issue of abortion of one of he central parts of the story. As Bella feels that to kill the baby would be wrong despite that the baby is killing her and will not let anyone save her from what appears to be death. This is the anti-abortion standpoint of the story.
But then we have Jacob who in his portion of the book thinks that the baby should be killed before it kills Bella. This is the Pro-Abortion standpoint of the story.
But in the end, the baby survives and so does Bella who is then turned into a vampire. Jacob then decides to kill the baby but imprints on her instead.
This begins the last part of the book which is in some ways the least interesting. In it, the story seems to lead up to a large fight with the Volturi which ends up not happening. That is where this book ends.
The book has not been the most popular of all the Twilight books largely because I think it is a very different book then the other ones. In a series where a large amount of the praise was about how it never used sex, it must have come as a shock that in this one there is sex.
In a series that often uses horror as a key part of its stories, it must have come as a shock to some that the werewolves are just shape shifters.
In a series where a large part of its popularity clearly comes from the love triangle between Edward, Jacob and Bella, it must have come as a shock to have Bella marry Edward in the second chapter and Jacob imprint on Bella and Edward's daughter who was a newborn baby.
I think though that it is a standalone volume of the Twilight that was very well written and paced. I also think that it did so the characters justice.
But I think it is just the beginning of a new saga of books about Jacob and Renesme and all the other characters. But for Bella this was the end. Her story is over. It is time for a new one to start.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sick yet again

Sorry about posting so little over the past few days
I've been pretty under the weather
more soon

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sketches Of The Day: Day 1

--------------- FROM: --A READER


The boxes are filing up:

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Diary Of Bella Swan

In honer of the new twilight book being out I made this short comic.