Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It is a very interesting article. His opinions are honestly despicable but you have to wonder how anyone could remotely admire him. He did some very bad things.
from Jeff Smith's Bone Website:

Ain’t It Cool News: We’re almost done, but I have four questions that you may not want to answer. First of all, any final words on the whole Dave Sim boxing match thing?
Jeff: Well…
AICN: Which, by the way, speaking as a lay reader was incredibly amusing to follow.
Jeff: Yes, I hope it has been… I think, just in general, when a friendship – or any kind of a relationship starts to fall apart, it’s complicated and there are mind games, and it’s not pretty, and it’s difficult enough to explain as it is. But when it’s so public –
AICN: And in print –
Jeff: It’s been a very public parting of the ways. And it’s been done against the background of what was essentially a revolution in comics, and there’s been a lot of people with very strong feelings on every side.
AICN Interview Part 3

Jeff’s friendship with fellow Self-publisher Dave Sim ended suddenly when Dave published his controversial issue of Cerebus #186, in which he defined women as creatures incapable of logical thinking. Portraying an evening spent in the Smith’s home in the Santa Cruz mountains, both Jeff and his wife Vijaya were written into the text as examples of a man and his parasitic, brain-eating wife. Smith is portrayed as agreeing with Sim’s ideas and seeming to be afraid of reprisal from his wife. Vijaya herself, whose parents come from India, is described as “inscrutable”. The feud heated up again some years later when Smith related his version of events to The Comic’s Journal causing Sim to write an open letter calling Smith a liar and challenging him to a round of boxing. Smith’s response, a letter to Dave which was printed in the Cerebus comic book said simply: “Get stuffed.”

The feud has cooled of late, and Jeff and Dave have been seen talking together at comics events. The two even joined forces to raise relief funds for victims of the 2004 Tsunami, donating original artwork and raising $20,000 for Red Cross relief. An interesting overview of both the feud and the comics can be seen at

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