Friday, February 8, 2008

Spider Man: Old New Day

I'm sorry guys but brand new day and ultimate spider man are just dull retellings of old stories. There is NO suspense.

But I have a cure.

Yes I know it's hard but let me tell you what should happen continuing from this very issue of Spider Man.
Issue 1:Spider-Man's secret identity is revealed by the registration act.
Issue 2: JJ's son finds out and becomes the Man Wolf again because his father he believes was killed by Spider Man. He brings together a new Sinister Six: Mister Negative, Doc Ock, The Gray Goblin, Venom, Doctor Doom and Man Wolf.
Issue three: They kill Spider-Man in a final climatic finale when they kidnap Mary Jane who we learn is Jackpot.
Issue 4:Harry Osborn takes up Spider Man mantle.

Call me,

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