Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Infinite Playlist (Updated)


Note: I thought that I would write a little bit about each of the albums currently on my itunes. If you hate musicals, don't venture further.
1: How Glory Goes by Audra Mcdonald: As one of the best vocal singers of her time, McDonald is one who is always great to listen to on cast and solo albums
2: Disney Album by Barbra Cook and 3: Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust by Kerry Butler: I don't know why but I tend to enjoy hearing Broadway stars singing Disney songs.
3: The Broadway Album by Barbra Streisand: One of my favorite singers, this is one of my favorite of her albums because it has more Sondhiem songs then most of her others.
4: 1 by The Beatles: How can you have a playlist on an apple without the Beatles.
5: It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Superman! The Musical!!: Unbelievably funny.
6: Bernadette Peters GYPSY and Patti Lupone GYPSY: I always love the score of Gypsy (I also own the Angela Launsberry version.) and the Patti Lupone version is a special treat because of the added deleted songs.
7: SWEENEY TODD: The Broadway Revival (disks 1 and 2) and SWEENY TODD, THE MOVIE:One of Sondheim's greatest scores. BEST TRACKS: By The Sea, The Worst Pies in London and Kiss Me (revival recording only.)
8: Ma'Cherie by FreshlyGround: From South Africa, this album is a treat.
9: G-Sides, 10 Most Wanted and 11 Drastic Fantastic: Umm.. A friend gave me this stuff to put on the itunes.
12: Cinema Seranade, 13 NORTON RECORDINGS and 14 Life And Works of Bach: I like to have SOME orchestral stuff
15: Shine: I just have the big yellow taxi remix
16: Grateful and 17 Intervention: I am a pretty big fan of Kristen Chenoweth
18: Thoroughly Modern Millie: Sutton Foster's best performance.
19: Company: Another one of Sondhiem's best musical. BEST TRACKS: Being Alive, Another Hundred People and You Could Drive a Person Crazy.
20: Rent: See this post. best track: Take Me or Leave Me
21: Spring Awakening: One of the best new musical, it has a rock score that actually WORKS.
22 and 23: THE LADY WITH THE TORCH and LADY WITH THE TORCH..still burning: I'm a big Patti Lupone fan and she is particularly good in this album.
24: Unchained Melodies: It's a lot of fun to hear Broadway Songs played instrumentally on piano.
25: SHE AND HIM volume 1: This is one of my favorite albums.
26: Bounce: Love hearing new Sondhiem scores, can't wait to actually see it.
27: DESPERATE HOUSWIVES: explanation: I just bought the Idina Menzel track
28: TITLE OF SHOW: I've only listened to this once but it sounds pretty good.
29: Across The Universe: Great movie, great album
30: BETTE MIDLER SINGS THE ROSEMARY CLOONEY SONGBOOK: Belive it or not, she's as good a singer as she is a comedian and actress.
31: Cabaret and 32: A Chorus Line: Two Classics very well worthy of inclusion in a library of music.
33: Hairspray: A good new musical with some catchy songs and a classic performance from Harvey Fierstien as Edna.
34: On The Twentieth Century: always enjoy albums with Madeline Kahn
35: Cinderella: Vintage Julie Andrews
36: CLASSIC DISNEY: I sometimes enjoy the Disney songs
37: Dress Casual: Great Mandy Patankin album with some great songs
38: The Frogs: I saw (and loved) this on Broadway.
39-40: Putting It Together: Great to hear Julie Andrews sing Sondhiem.
41: She Loves Me: A great hidden gem
42: Sherry: Fun all star album.
43: Wicked: for better or for worse, one of the most important new musicals with two great ying-yang actors Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth.
44: The Wizard of Oz: To hear Nathan Lane as the cowardly lion is a treat.
45: Young Frankenstein: Fun but not great.
46: White Limousine: I like Spring Awakening quite a bit so I decided to check this one out
48: Into The Woods: Another good Sondhiem musical
49: The Boy From OZ!: It's fun to hear Hugh Jackman sing.
50: ANYTHING GOES (REVIVAL): As I have said before, I'm a big Patti Lupone fan!

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