Saturday, September 6, 2008

TIFF 08: Every Little Step "EAT NAILS!"

A Chorus Line is a musical about the audition process for a musical. So it is only befitting that the documentary about A Chorus Line is also about auditioning for a musical but this time that musical is A Chorus Line. In the film, instead of just Zack; the all powerful director, we have several people running the auditions including Baayork Lee who was one of the original actors of A Chorus Line and is one of the greatest characters in the film with a great catchphrase ("Eat Nails!"). In addition to the auditions, we have some flashbacks to the original production complete with the famous tapes of Michael Bennett which are sometimes striking in how close the script and songs were to these original tapes of the dancers talking. In the end this film shows that all actors, well known and unknown, still have to audition and in a way are on the line.
Monday September 0812:30PM SCOTIABANK THEATRE 3

Saturday September 1309:00AM AMC

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