Wednesday, September 24, 2008

READING BOOK: Getting The Girl by Susan Juby

Getting The Girl
is one of those books that when it really gets started you can't put down. Getting The Girl tells the story of a boy named Sherman Mack who is in 'love' (or more as you learn later in the book, liking) with Dini Trioli who reacts with indifference and is much more into the school's jock. But there is a dark secret of the school that Sherman slowly learns, many students are D-listed or defiled, after which they are shunned for good. Sherman notices that the jock's last girlfriend was defiled and wonders if the jock is the defiler. Then starts an investigation that features surveillance, drug dealing, cross dressing and olive dressing.
It seemingly, at the beginning of the book, has it's two romantic leads, it's best friend character and it's villain but the book isn't content with staying with formula and switches around the characters a'la A Midsummer Night's Dream. A supremely entertaining read, Getting The Girl is certainly worth getting.

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